Classic Full Set


Contains The Following 37 Colours

1x Blood Red, 1x Bright Yellow, 1x Burnt Orange. 1x Cerise, 1x Cornflower Blue, 1x Dark Chocolate,1x Deep Blue,1x Deep Purple, 1x Deep Red, 1x Flesh Tone, 1x Forrest Green, 1x Golden Yellow, 1x Grape, 1x Grey, 1x Japanese Pink, 1x Japanese Orange, 1x Licorice, 1x Lilac, 1x Lime Green, 1x Lining black, 1x Deep magenta, 1x Naval orange, 1x Ochre, 1x Olive, 1x Peach, 1x Peacock. 1x Pink, 1x Seafoam, 1x Sky Blue, 1x Smoke, 1x Tan, 1x Tribal black, 1x True Blue, 1x True Green, 1x Deep Turquoise, 1x Warm Red, 1x White

All of classic color systems tattoo ink’s are made with all vegan and Eco friendly products,

Classic Color systems prides itself in manufacturing all our tattoo inks by hand.

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