Portrait Mini Set

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For lifelike precision in your portrait tattoos, this set is for you. This set of 5 essential ink colors is carefully selected to help you capture the nuances and realism needed for INKcredible portrait-style tattoos.

All bottles are 1oz.

  • Portrait White – Clean, crisp, and great for almost everything, Portrait White is an essential ink for your collection. Specially formulated for portrait work, this ink is great for mixing to get exactly the right tone.
  • Swiss Skin – A flesh-toned ink inspired by the skin of a Swissman (or Swisswoman?”)
  • King Tut – A warm sandstone colored ink that draws inspiration from pyramids and mummies.
  • Venice – The golden, luminous brown like you experience in the Italian promenade.
  • Coffee Bean – A Dark, rich espresso brown.
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