Peak Solice Pro Machine

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Peak Solice Pro Adjustable Stroke Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine

Peak is delivering unbounded artistic freedom with the Peak Solice Pro: a wireless machine that has a fully adjustable stroke. With a simple turn of the stroke adjustment knob, you can adjust your stroke from 2.4mm up to 4.2mm. This makes the Solice Pro a great choice for any tattoo style or technique.

The Peak Solice Pro also gives you the choice between a wireless and RCA setup. Tattoo wirelessly with the PowerPack battery, which gives you up to 10 hours of tattooing power; or switch to an RCA setup with the included RCA module when you start to run low on power.

The Peak Solice Pro also lets you pair to the Peak Radix Footswitch for steady, reliable power using stable RF technology. Using the Radix Footswitch, you can tattoo in continuous or momentary modes with ease.

Additionally, the Peak Solice Pro comes with two battery pack converters; these converters turn the included PowerPack battery into a separate battery pack for RCA and 3.5mm input machines; so you can turn your favorite tattoo machine into a wireless powerhouse. The Peak Solice Pro is also compatible with the original Solice PowerPack Batteries.


Pick Color: Black, Pink, and Red
Modular tattoo machine with fully adjustable stroke
Switches between a wireless and RCA setup (comes with RCA module)
Aluminum construction and lightweight body
Net Weight with PowerPack battery: 7.2oz
Machine Length with PowerPack battery: 5”
Stroke Range: 2.4mm –4.2mm
Equipped with a 1827 coreless motor
Voltage Range: 4v–12v; recommended not to exceed 10v
Battery offers up to 10 hours of tattooing power; chargeable by USB-C
Compatible with the Peak Radix Footswitch
Comes with 1 PowerPack battery, 1 RCA Module, 2 Battery Pack Converters (3.5mm + RCA inputs), 3 O-rings, 2 Allen keys, 1 spare fly wheel, 1 USB-C charging cable, and 1 RCA cord

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